Custom Tailoring

The Process of constructing a Custom-Made Suit

The process of custom Henry Couture Paris | What actually goes into making a custom suit, and what you should expect throughout the process.

At Henry Couture Paris, A beautifully tailored suit takes time and delegation. Every custom-tailored suit starts with getting to know you: your physique, your busy life, your preferences, and taste.

Selecting the Fabric:
We have over 200 cloths to choose from, there’s something available for everyone’s taste and requirement. During every custom fitting, a skilled and friendly staff will be on hand to help and guide you through the entire process.

Styling your Suit:
Whether you opt for a modern bespoke or a traditional style, we have so many styling options available to you. With over 6 years in the industry, our trained tailor will carefully guide you through our styling options, with the help of our sample jackets. This stage of the fitting process is critical because it allows you to incorporate a particular style detail in your custom suit.

Every custom-tailored suit at Henry Couture Paris consists of a complete set of measurement. The accuracy and precision of measurement are very important, your body posture is critical to the fitting of the suit. Our expert tailor will measure you completely, taking a combination of up to 20 unique measurements from your body.