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Identity check, please?
Henry Coffie, fashion designer and passionate about men’s fashion. I propose to my different clients costume collections.

How would you describe your style?
I think my style reflects my personality. I would describe it as clean-cut, dapper or formal.

What is your “fashion icon”?
My fashion icons are David Beckham and Kanye West! I really admire their style!

What is the key piece of your dressing room?
The accessories! I like to accessorize, they add this “whim” to my outfits. My favorite items are watches, brooches and sunglasses.

What is for you “The fashion faux pas”?
Close all the buttons of his suit jacket!

What is the average budget for a great look? 
For a look at the top, no need for a huge amount to look good. For a complete elegant look in costume, a budget of 400 € is enough. You can buy a costume but you can not buy the class (laughs)!

Your perfume of the moment? 
I would say Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. The first impression is very medicinal, with gardenia and ylang-ylang. It is a spicy fragrance mixed with woody notes and others warmer, smoky and earthy, like incense, with a very creamy almost gourmand, sweet, but counterbalanced by an almost salty effect. It totally reflects my personality. As a gentleman, if you are well dressed, you must feel good and above all have a perfume in keeping with your style. Women love!

A fashion advice to give? 
Every man must have a well-suited suit, leather shoes and a nice watch. It’s the need of a gentleman. And most importantly, never try to look like someone you are not!

This article was written in French by Roots Magazine. Visit Roots Magazine for the full French version.